Failure Appear (FTA): What Happens Next? | Charlotte DUI Attorney

While you may have a good excuse, failure appear or FTA is actually a very big deal. However, we will explain what happens next and how we can help.

failure appearFailure Appear in Mecklenburg County

Because you cannot always control life, sometimes people are unable to appear and miss court. Other times, they may just forget or get their dates confused. Either way, a missed court date is bad and results in a Failure to Appear and Order for Arrest (OFA). So what happens now? Well it depends. If stopped by police before removed, an arrest and jail is your future. However, it does not have to be this way. Rather, we can file a Motion to Strike the OFA, and get you back in the court’s good graces. But don’t let it happen again. Next time it will not be so easy.

Followup Court Date

While some clients miss court dates by mistake, others simply cannot make it because they live elsewhere. So here is the dilemma. Although a serious matter, police are not going to “come get” anyone. However, if stopped for even a minor traffic violation, police may arrest you if they see the OFA. Consequently, our clients who live in another State do not have to worry about arrest. But they can face driver’s license issues while the OFA is pending. Hence they want to close this matter as quickly as possible.

Once we strike the OFA, we also set a new court date for a new hearing. Consequently, our clients from other jurisdictions need to be ready and able to appear next time. Otherwise, they will be right back where they were except with fewer options available. As a result, we work closely with their schedules so that we avoid this problem. Not to worry. After all, this is what we do, and we can take care of your situation too.