Robert Reeves

robert reevesRobert Reeves handles DWIs and DUIs in both North Carolina and South Carolina.  He has practiced law for over 28 years.  He has worked in numerous practice areas, including workers compensation defense, personal injury, and criminal defense.  His career started out in workers compensation defense before transitioning over to the plaintiff’s side, and continues to practice in this area.  Over time, he began handling more and more criminal cases.  Several years ago he began focusing his practice to handle DWI cases.  He realized how much he enjoyed handling DWI cases, and, over the years, they became more and more of his caseload.  Today, most of his practice is representing people in North and South Carolina for DWIs and DUIs.

Prior to going to law school, Mr. Reeves was a Registered Nurse, and worked in the ICU and later, in outpatient surgery.  He decided to pursue a career in the law, and attended the University of South Carolina law school.  In the 28 years since he has graduated, he has received several prestigious awards, including admission to to the National Trial Lawyers Organization Top 100 Lawyers. So whether you are arrested in either North Carolina or South Carolina, we can help. Call now and let’s start your defense.

Mr. Reeves prides himself on his availability to clients.  He knows that there are some times when you need an answer, and you need it quickly.  Even on busy days in court when he is unable to take calls, he will return calls in the evening to make sure that each of his clients is taken care of, and that their questions are answered.  You don’t have to do this on your own. Rather, call to discuss your case and learn your rights and options.